You Are Where You Want To Be

I love the line 'You Are Where You Want To Be' and have never forgotten its importance.  Whether we are happy, sad, miserable, jazzed or indifferent, all of us are 'where we want to be' in life or we would work tirelessly to change our circumstances.       

Numerous people are joyful, passionate, happy or thriving while many have supreme challenges. Sadly, others are just existing or going through the motions of life.

If you don't like where your life is at this moment, why not charge like an angry bull to change it?  Keep in mind that loved ones may have their feelings hurt in the process or friends may not like the changes or your kids may lose some parental time although it’s usually worth it if it creates a better you and gives you a life you desire.

Don't forget who is (or should be) the most important person in your life...YOU!  My article (quote and link below) on benefits may provide some insight.

M) You are # 1If you are not, how can you live a good life or benefit others? People tend to forget that taking care of YOU FIRST is the most important thing in life. Living life for others or through others is a sure way to experience a HO HUM existence. There are many ways to achieve this no matter how busy you are in life. One is to act on a passion you have and make sure to do it every week if only for an hour.

It’s disheartening to see those who devalue their worth or put others ahead of their own well-being. How can one be the best that they can be for loved ones, friends or colleagues exhibiting that type of behaviour?

It's one thing to know that you should come first in your life although if you don't act like it, 'where you want to be' will continue to remain elusive.

Below are words from a good friend after he received some inspiration on putting himself first:

“Thanks GP, this message came on a day when it was most needed.”

Don’t be afraid to do whatever you deem ethically necessary to continue to soar in the way you desire or CHANGE, so that you can get out of existing and into the joys and happiness of living!

If change is what you desire:

A)    Will you make it Bambi inspired or like an angry Bull? 

B)    Will you make POWER MOVES (Article on "Power Moves") or continue to thrive in the powerless world?

C)  How bad do you want it?

As always, the choice is up to you.

Whatever you decide, one thing that can’t be taken lightly is “putting in the time” needed to make any change.

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

The antidote to envy is one's own work. Always one's own work. Not the thinking about it. Not the assessing of it. But the doing of it.
--Bonita Friedman

Happy Gswede Sunday!

The beauty of Summer (Picture by Mia)

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