"Choose Wisely" - Use it and Pass it On

If there is one thing we can attempt to do wisely and/or pass on to our children, is to be careful and diligent in choosing a spouse/life partner.

Nothing about it is easy although one can certainly “Choose Wisely” if serious thought, evaluation and reality are put into the decision. In addition, emotion can make anyone act irrationally when it comes to love, so one must guard against that. 

Even if you do choose wisely, success in marriage is not guaranteed, although if the choice is unwise, success tends to be slim to none.

My article (link below) from 5 years ago will shed further light on this topic. 

Life is too short to waste time on people who may make us feel good or weak in the knees but who we know aren't good for us in the long run. 

Always recognize your value and make every effort to pass that on to the offspring. If you don’t choose wisely, chances are that your children will follow the same pattern.

Like me and many of you, who they marry or commit to will be the most important decision they make.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

Just celebrated 10 years of marriage with my lovely wife. Fortunately, I did choose wisely.