Doing The Unexpected

Little things mean a lot. When they are unexpected, it’s even better.

My Swedish colleague and I sent a person who is invaluable to our selling efforts, a small gift. I give her something every Christmas but we wanted to do something together and unexpected before then.

I had seen a “special edition” gift in the local store, which made me think of this person, as she is very special to our team; not only in terms of the work she does, but also in her kind nature.

It wasn't planned for the package to arrive on Monday, but as fate would have it, it did. We also included a personal note with the gift. 

Here's the email we received:

"Well that is a lovely surprise to receive gorgeous chocolates on a Monday morning!

Thank you so much for thinking of me and going to the trouble of sending me a gift and such kind words. I will enjoy them with my team.... I can't eat them all myself or will burst out of my skinny jeans I have only just got back into ;0)

Very much appreciated and has brightened up an already sunny, warm day :0)"

It's those small and beautiful moments of life that are frequently the most important.

Brighten up a life today by showing your appreciation. It need not take much time or be costly. It’s the thought that counts.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

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