A Healthy "Gamechanger"

Gamechanger – In sports, this term is often used. For example, if a basketball coach finds that his usual successful strategy isn’t working against an opponent and they are losing by 20 points, he/she might try something unique, new or drastic in order to help the team perform better. If the bold tactic works and the team goes on to perform significantly better or win the game, that decision is called a “Gamechanger”.

I'm in a small group called “Gamechangers”.  

One of our goals is to share moments (both positive and negative) that have impacted or changed our life in significant ways, whether big or small – in other words, a “Gamechanger”. The knowledge can be shared via email, sms/text or in person when we meet.

Recently, one member talked about a weekly lunch with a family member and how much he enjoys it, while another spoke of podcasts and the positive effect they have had on him since he’s lived outside of his native USA.  Often, the gamechanging moments relate to business or entrepreneurial endeavors and how best to collaborate or connect one another.

In addition, if we have or find information that may suit another member better than ourselves, we pass it on to that person.

Last week was a BIG Gamechanger for me in the health department. While I have always eaten sensibly and have rarely had any health or weight issues, I was inspired to improve. Even though my health has been very good for a long time, I knew I could do better.

Like many people around the world, I’ve been guilty of consuming too much sugar, and/or carbohydrates at times – things that can really drain a mind, body and soul. For the last 7 days, I’ve changed my eating dramatically, especially in regards to the sugar intake, which has been minimal.

I feel great!  My body feels lighter and I have a spring in my step – something I didn’t think was possible as I felt good nearly every day before this change. I realize that it has only been a week and any worthwhile change must be sustained although I felt compelled to get the message out, if only for the inspiration someone may be looking for.

My wife was the inspiration for me as I decided to go on this healthier kick with her almost from the moment she began discussing it. It’s nice to be doing it together!

It’s important to note that I’ve changed my eating habits two other times (both positively) in order to create a better George, so making another one wasn’t difficult.  The 3rd time is a charm they say and I feel this might be the most positive change, especially with my 50th birthday in the rear view mirror.

The benefits are that food tastes better and I don’t have any of the occasional sugar cravings I had before. Interestingly, I can feel my body system working better and that is something I’ve never experienced. Also, I increased my exercise, which only enhances this healthier way of eating.

How’s your health? Have you had a recent “Gamechanging” moment, health or otherwise?

If sugar and/or other bad eating habits are ruling your world or becoming a nuisance, consider changing your game in order to begin walking the path to a healthier you. 

Remember the words I have written time and time again - “Nothing is more important than your health”. Nothing.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

New York City (NYC) - Moving to NYC in the mid 90's was a "Gamechanging" moment in my life. (Picture by Christine)

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Anonymous said...

Hi G! I agree with the afore mentioned benefits of leaving out fast carbs. Altough, in order to get effective exercise and brain activity one needs slow carbs. Preferably with the first two meals of the day as you dont need them during your sleep.
Furthermore, a real game changer is decreasing red meats (not game) and replacing with white meat or fish. It is easier for our digestion and thus makes us more energized, try it!

Good luck and thx for the inspiration!