Sleep is the Cousin of Death

I’ve been averaging 6 hours of sleep per night for as long as I can remember although a recent week was considerably less due to an early train for work and a sports event.

Every April, I watch the USA championship game in college basketball. Unfortunately, it begins at 3am Swedish time. This game is near and dear to me since I love basketball and played the sport in college. This particular night, I woke up at 3am and after the game ended at 5:30, I was inspired to write an article for my blog. It was a great night!

Despite my 4.5 hours sleeping average the week of the sports event, it was a productive and interesting work week. I felt good.

I’m not advocating sleeping less as I believe sleep is important… BUT I do think some of us sleep our life away and miss doing the things we love.

Sleeping too much won’t bring about a literal death although figuratively, the death can be profound. By choosing sleep over living life to the fullest, one can bring death to the spirit or mind.

In my opinion, 7-8 hours of sleep is good for any adult although anything over 8 is time that could be spent doing something else albeit work, exercise or a passion.

I’ve heard numerous people talk about “not having enough time” or “being too busy to pursue a hobby”. When I inquired about their sleeping habits, it was clear that a modest decrease would bring about a dramatic change in their life.

I’m glad I function well on 6 hours of sleep. It gives me plenty of time (2-6 hours weekly) to write which is my top personal passion. In addition, I also have time for other “Me Time” interests. At this point in my life, I couldn’t even imagine sleeping 8 hours.

For those who sleep 8-10 hours and don’t feel that you’re living a full life (generally speaking means lack of “Me Time” in my opinion), I have two simple tips:

1) Read my two articles on “Me Time” :   -  May 2009  - March 2010

2) Sleep 1 hour less every night:

That’s an additional 7 hours a week to do whatever tickles your fancy. That’s more than an entire day you will gain per month!

If your life isn’t progressing in the manner you like or is in a “spiral of spiritual death” due to an abundance of sleep, don’t be afraid to get your soul back on track by sleeping less and living more. Be bold.

While sleeping might not be the cousin of death”, TOO MUCH sleep can be.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

Summer 2009 - (Picture by Heidi)

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Anonymous said...

As always I enjoyed reading your blog but NO I need 9-10 h's of sleep and always have. I do make the most of my time awake! :) 6h's and I would not function for long...