Revisiting "Me Time"

My wife and I were having coffee in our home recently with a neighborhood couple when the subject of "Me Time" came up. I don't remember why the topic arose but I do remember the woman guest saying "I know I need to get more time for myself".

While it never surprises me that people don't prioritize "Me Time", it is frustrating to hear it time and time again, especially from couples with small children. After her comment, I looked at the couple and said, "Why don't you get more time for yourself? - Is there anything more important?" There were nods in agreement.

The woman and I have had subsequent conversations regarding "Me Time" and it's clear that she needs to have more of it in her life.

Below are a few paragraphs and the link from my 2009 article called "Master Your "Me Time":

In my opinion, there is no excuse to not get some form of “Me Time” in your life as YOU are the only thing holding you back. If something is passionate to you or important for you, you can find the time to do it. It may take baby steps in the beginning to kick start your engine along with the willingness to be consistent (crucial element).

In my experiences, people get held back from their passions due to a spouse, parent, job, TV, computer or a host of others things. A spouse should be encouraging their partner to get some “Me Time”! A job should not rule your life like it does for some of us. TV can be a relaxing tool although it is probably safe to say that most families watch too much of it.

No one can take away your “Me Time” unless you allow them to. All it takes is the courage to act and do some or more of the things you like. Remember, spending a little time on YOU will often make one a better parent, husband, worker or friend. A happier and healthier YOU will shine if you are bold enough to put yourself first. To get more time may require some feelings to be hurt or “putting your foot down” and demanding the time. Do not be fearful if more “Me Time” is something you need. If you don’t act, it’s YOU who will continue to suffer the consequences.


The aforementioned paragraphs touch on three ways to begin the mastering of "Me Time":

1) No excuses are allowed - If it's important to you, find a way to make it happen.

2) Don't let any person or situation hold you back - "To Do's" may have to wait - quality time for yourself should be a priority every week!

3) Courage to Act - I realize it's not easy to begin a life of mastering your "Me Time" although all it really takes is the courage to put yourself first. No "Me Time" on a consistent basis means that you are or will become less of the person that you desire to be.

Finally, a lesson from the friendly skies that should put the importance of "Me Time" into perspective.

In the event of an emergency while on an airplane, what are you supposed to do when the oxygen masks drop down and you are flying with a child?

a) Put the oxygen mask on the child first
b) Put the oxygen mask on yourself first

For those who don't prioritize your needs and "Me Time" you might tend to help the child first. It's a natural reaction but the wrong reaction.

For those who do value time for yourself, you probably know the correct answer of putting the oxygen mask on yourself BEFORE helping the child.


If you help the child first, you may become unconscious in the process thereby endangering both you and the child. If you help yourself first, you are in the best position to assist your child with his/her mask.


Feed your soul FIRST.

Give it the fuel (Me Time) you are most passionate about on a consistent basis - if only for 15 minutes a day. If you do that, your glow will heighten, life will be more enjoyable and the people around you will benefit immensely; much more so than someone who ONLY fuels their engine with doing for others, doing for a job or doing for things they don't like.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

Superman makes sure to get his "Me Time" - A shot from my Canadian friend Heather in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics.


Anna said...

Nice Picture Heather!!!!

Christine said...

The problem is - I don't even remember what I used to like to do... Between work, mother, wife and "to do's", I lost my own "fun list"...