Sorrento, Italy – Beautiful Place (Hope to see more of it next time!)

It’s ironic that I was reading the autobiography of the tennis player, Andrea Agassi during my journey earlier this month to Sorrento, Italy.

While our lives have been and are very different, we do share one thing in common – during his tennis career he visited wonderful places around the world yet never got the chance to truly explore the cities due to the focus and pressure of tennis tournaments. Likewise, my current career takes me to a nice European city twice a year although there is never time to get the true sense of the region because of the diverse information that needs to be absorbed during the conference. Oh well. Could be worse!

I have always enjoyed Italy, having spent numerous weeks in the north - great places like Florence, Rome, Padua, Rimini and Venice. Having never been to the southern part, I was excited to get a small taste of Sorrento (which overlooks the Bay of Naples). It didn’t disappoint.

During the day, we were in full work mode although we did get to venture out to the square at night to enjoy the delicious Italian food. In addition, the temperature was around 12-13 celsius every day which was a pleasant difference from the cold in Sweden! One consistent quality about Italy is the wonderful food. Each time I have been there, the food has been delicious whether I was in a private home or restaurant.

Even though there was no time to explore Sorrento, the beauty of the place was captivating. During the drive to the hotel, there were marvelous scenes of water, mountains and quaint locations. Also, we were fortunate to have a meeting room during the week that had a picturesque view of Sorrento.

I would enjoy going back one day to get a full sense of the region including areas close to Sorrento - Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum and the Amalfi Coast.

For those who have never been to Italy, I encourage you to consider it for your next vacation. In my opinion, it’s one of those countries that is a “must see” in a lifetime.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

Gswede during a break in the meeting - Sorrento, Italy


LOQuent said...

Good stuff. It pains me that I haven't had the chance, yet, to experience other parts of Europe.

Bankers One Capital said...

Italy is a definite must! The country will always be in my memories as I proposed to my wife in Venice 6 years ago and have been talking about a revisit. Definitively would welcome a trip to the southern region.