The Beauty of a Small Town

Recently, my family moved from the “Big Apple” of Scandinavia (Stockholm) to a small town in southern Sweden. The reasons were plentiful including my wife’s new job, closer to family, a calmer lifestyle and a more ideal place for our kids to grow up.

As we were settling into our new house, I was casually thinking that one of our neighbors might welcome us with a home baked pie or something similar. I had never experienced it although I saw it plenty of times in the movies. Maybe this is what happens in small communities I thought.

A few nights later, as our kids were eating a snack, we heard a knock on the door. To our pleasant surprise it was a neighbour holding a “fresh from the oven” cake that smelled absolutely divine. It brought smiles to all of our faces! What a beautiful gesture.

By the way, the cake tasted just as heavenly as it smelled with Gswede devouring most of it fortunately (taste) or unfortunately (calories and sugar).

Since I have never lived in a small town other than my hometown (doesn’t count), I’m hoping this is one of many beauties that will occur.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

The beauty surrounding a small community (picture by Peter while fishing)

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