Spreading Her Wings

From our first meeting in Stockholm, I could tell she was special. She was funny, naturally charming and had a gentle ease; along with something I rarely see – a genuine zest for life. It was easy to like her.

We met through a close friend several years ago and although we never spent much time together, she recently reminded me of words I used to inspire her. I don’t remember what I said, but do recall the tone and basic message.

I encouraged her to be bold and see the world outside of Stockholm as her personality needed to shine elsewhere, not just in Sweden. I never said to leave the country (and she hasn’t), although made it crystal clear to not let Sweden control her; like it has with several expats I know.

When I sent her a link to one of my favorite articles "Are you making POWER MOVES?", she replied with this message.

“Thanks for sharing.

Reminds me of your honesty when you told me Stockholm was too little for me and I needed to spread my wings. So glad I did! These days, I have at least a few moments a week where I laugh out loud because I literally can't believe that I finally made it to exactly where I wanted to be. I am thankful every second, but damn if I didn't work my ass off to get here lol!! Thanks again for the inspiration and insight.”

Needless to say, I was touched.

I frequently attempt to encourage young people as sometimes, simple yet honest words are just what they need to hear.

Not yet 30, she is flying high and making incredible “Power Moves” these days, and most importantly, doing it her way. Starting her own company is a recent triumph and she will only soar higher in the years to come.

I’ll be watching her growth and direction closely, as we need young people like her to make a positive difference, influence and change to our complex world. She has all the tools for success. In addition, her positivity and passion are infectious!

I sent a Xmas card to her recently with a personal message starting with” I expect GREAT things from you…….”.

It’s not easy to meet high expectations and I’m inspired by the way she embraces those who strongly believe in her. She doesn’t shy away from it or feel uneasy about it. There is a fierceness behind her quite confidence, which will be invaluable in helping to navigate the inevitable life obstacles and will take her as far as she is willing to go.

Can’t wait to see how her story unravels.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

Our lovely summer butterflies!

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