Stock Symbol SIRI – Great Product BUT …should you own the stock?

In the summer months of 2009, I told a group of friends about Sirius XM Radio, Inc. (SIRI). I encouraged them to consider a purchase. The stock was around .60 cents at the time.

In mid 2010, I informed a similar albeit smaller group of friends that they should consider a purchase of SIRI. The price had risen to .90 cents.

As far as I know, only one person acted on my recommendation which surprised me.

Many of them knew about my success over the years with this stock. I wanted them to share in my success although I only gave them a tidbit of information about SIRI (

I could have written specific facts and easily convinced some to buy the stock but I believe it it’s essential for anyone considering a stock purchase to do their own homework and research about the company. In addition, one should talk to people who are in the financial field or those you respect who have managed their finances well.

Those I told probably didn’t want to “put in the time” to review SIRI thus missing out on a good investment.

This past week the stock was in the $ 1.20 range.

For those in the USA who don’t know about this product, I encourage you to explore it as I love the product and enjoy it immensely when I am in one of the 50 states. While driving in a car, there is nothing better in my opinion.

A brief description of the company is below followed by a recent news link on the stock:

Sirius XM Radio Inc. has two principal wholly owned subsidiaries, XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. and Satellite CD Radio Inc. The Company is engaged in broadcasting its music, sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic and weather channels in the United States for a subscription fee through its satellite radio systems, the SIRIUS system and the XM system. The SIRIUS system consists of four in-orbit satellites, approximately 125 terrestrial repeaters that receive and retransmit signals, satellite uplink facilities and studios. The XM system consists of four in-orbit satellites, over 650 terrestrial repeaters that receive and retransmit signals, satellite uplink facilities and studios. Subscribers can also receive certain of its music and other channels over the Internet. (Reuters)

For those who own the stock or are familiar with the company, you’re probably as big a fan as I am. Whether it be talk radio, sports or news… nothing compares to the line-up of SIRI. Just having the music is worth it yet one gets so much more with this satellite radio giant!

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Here’s my plain yet potentially profound SIRI advice:

If you enjoy the stock market and like some risk and volatility (I do), SIRI could be a stock for you. As you may know, stock volatility can be a good thing for an investment if one pays close attention to a stock’s inevitable ups and downs.

Should you buy the stock? That decision is up to you.

If you asked me, I would simply say to consider SIRI for your portfolio. If you are a first-timer in the stock market, SIRI is probably not the proper choice. At the very least, make sure you have this wonderful product in your car or home, especially if you like to listen to a vast assorment of entertainment.

And yes, I currently own the stock.

Happy Gswede Sunday!


Anonymous said...


One of the reasons that the stock is moving upwards is because many states started enforcing the RIAA based law requiring all restaurants and bars must use either a jukebox or sattellite radio to play music in their establishments. (sorry, no more ipod music or djs). The basis is that the music is being broadcast to a live audience and therefore subject collection of royalties to the artist.

This law is pretty well enforced in Oregon and Ohio for some reason. A bartender in Portland OR told me that the "music cops" call every now and then posing as a dj looking for a gig and ask what the do for music. They have to respond that they use satellite radio or they can expect an unpleasant visit from the music cops and subsequent fine.

Anonymous said...

"made mucho dinero with both XM and sirius about 4 years ago. I still belive in the product but it's tough to go along with the current management. and at 1.47 I still grin about those old days when there were 2 options!!!"

Anonymous said...

Slow, but steady stock. With new car sales increasing their will be a lot of new installations. Glad to see that my initial recommendation to you has been paying off...