2010 Video - My Youth Basketball Program

Helping others has been and always will be important to me. It's great to have success in life although the thrill is lessened significantly in my opinion if one doesn't give back to their community, voluteer in some fashion or simply help someone in need.

Being a helping force for mankind doesn't have to be done in grand style - the key is to be consistent with whatever the mission in your heart is. For those who may want to start volunteering or might be looking for ways to make a better impact, I wrote an article (link below) in 2008 called "Giving is More Important than Ever".


One of the ways I give back is through my youth basketball program called "The American Basketball Coach in Sweden".  I founded the program in 2005 and we are looking forward to our 7th year in 2011!

This past May we impacted youth (girls and boys) outside of Stockholm in team strategy and individual instruction. It was a great joy to witness how excited these youth were to learn about basketball from a coach (Steve Freeland from Harrisburg, PA) who has a unique way of teaching.

Please take a moment to view our short video which will give you some insight about the program. For donations, you can email George at Gswede@gmail.com.

Let's all strive to continue the good work we do or if you haven't been enlightened on the subject of giving, 2010 could be the year to start. Whatever you do, remember to be consistent as the benefits for everyone involved are much stronger when there is a consistent pattern.

Happy Gswede Sunday!
2010 "American Basketball Coach in Sweden" - Year 6 Video

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