Thinking of and Praying for a Woman I Never Met

I heard a story a while back that went to the core of my being, stayed in my head and probably always will.

A close friend of the family told us about her good friend losing a baby in the 35 week of pregnancy. It was to be her first child. After hearing this tragic story, I began thinking of and praying for this woman. I cannot imagine a pain deeper than losing a child - I suspect the strong impact came from my wife being pregnant when we heard this news.

I made a point to keep in touch now and then with our close friend to see how the woman was coping and she was kind enough to keep me informed. During that time, my prayers were for her to make peace with the tragedy, begin healing and start the process of creating another life. When I received the positive news about her being pregnant, it warmed my heart. With all the daily challenges in life, it couldn't have been easy to muster the strength to move forward and get pregnant again.

I'm a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and energy towards another person(s), whether you know them or not. The loss of a child before birth has happened to several friends and each time, my thoughts and compassion were consistent on their behalf.

As men, we can never fully appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes into carrying and delivering a baby. What we can do is make sure that we show love and compassion for our women during this precious time. In addition, it's important to remember to be compassionate (both men and women) towards those who have had difficult or tragic pregnancies.

Earlier this month, I was sitting on the couch relaxing and received a text/sms message on my mobile phone. It was our close friend with words that brought a smile to my face.

She told us that her friend had delivered a healthy baby girl!

What a beautiful start to 2010.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

A beautiful summer view in southern Sweden.

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That was beautiful.