Boost of Energy on my 11th Year in Sweden

I received an inspiring call this morning from an expat living in Sweden, who after many years of dire struggle, has finally turned the corner and is now in a calmer and more positive place. I've been a shoulder to lean on or ear to listen to, all the while, attempting to keep his spirits high. He never gave up, stay focused and kept positive throughout, which I admired. His call came on my 11th year anniversary (April 16, 2004) of being in Sweden, which was a great boost of energy.

Some expats have his type of struggle, while others have a smoother one like mine - a disheartening first few years (common), but a very good overall experience. Many are somewhere in the middle. Every situation is different of course, but there is a unique struggle about Sweden, outside of the normal challenges of moving abroad.

For those who haven't read my 2009 blog - "5 years in Sweden", I encourage you to do so, as it will give you some insight into being a new expat here. I wrote it in order for future expats to gain some important knowledge before they move to Sweden, as far too often, many come to this Nordic country unprepared for the reality.  It's still my most popular blog and one I'm proud of.  A passage and link are below.

"During the job hunting process in my early years, I rarely received an interview from a Swedish company. When I did, it was clear that I was not going to be a finalist for the job. Ironically, one of the few and best interviews I secured occurred before I moved. It was from a top non-profit organization that did fundraising work with corporations, much along the lines of the fundraising work I was doing in NYC."

After a bumpy start, Sweden has exceeded my expectations, for which I'm very grateful. There are lots of things Sweden can do better and numerous things I can improve upon to make my journey even sweeter. Every year, Sweden and I are moving closer together.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

Friend Greg Poehler's TV show about being an ex-pat in Sweden

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