Vibe in Varberg, Sweden

I love a GREAT vibe.

It rarely happens when I stumble upon or visit a new place although when it does, it fills my soul with immense pleasure.

Last week, it happened magnificently.

My wife took me on a 24 hour getaway without kids (yes!). It was one of her birthday gifts to me.  The spa/hotel was called Varbergs Kurort – a lovely place in western Sweden.

The lobby was relaxed, warm and friendly upon arrival. Everything flowed nicely as we checked in, enjoyed a cool drink and strolled around the property. The vibe was good.

After we came back from our late afternoon dip in the sea, we settled down in comfortable chairs for more drinks and an early dinner. The music came on and that is when the vibe went from good to great!

Good music is as important as anything else when it comes to creating atmosphere. If it’s good, it adds a dynamic dimension to a hopefully already good scene.  If the music is bad, the moments and vibe can burn out quickly.

The playlist at Kurort was perfect – soulful and smooth. It was the kind of music that even those who don’t appreciate or like music wouldn’t mind. It was never in the way, only beautifully soothing.

If we didn’t have to go to a terrific concert (Veronica Maggio) that night, we would have undoubtedly stayed there another couple of hours, soaking in the surrounding elements and enjoying the beauty of day.

Without the music, the vibe was nice as the staff, setting, sun and food were terrific. With the music, the vibe was sensational! 

Can’t wait to experience it again.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

View of Kurort from the Lighthouse - Varberg, Sweden

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That is the town my grandmother grew up in before coming to the US. Beautiful spot.