Give a Little TODAY, Not Tomorrow

Not long ago, I sent a small gift to a friend who lives in America. It was something that she could enjoy with friends or family.   I wanted to show my appreciation for her friendship and inspiration. In addition, she and her boyfriend are dealing with the ill health of a loved one which is never an easy task as my family has experienced in both America and Sweden.

I was happy to hear that my gift put a smile on her face. Her reaction to the gift put a smile on my face!

We only met a few years back (2009) and I haven’t seen her since yet she made a big impact on me. We, and a few of her other friends often had weekly coffee together while I was on parental leave with my then 10 month old daughter. She also loves sports and her knowledge about teams is better than many guys I know! Those times were terrific and I was inspired to write an article about the experience. The link is below:

I’m only recounting this story to give you a small example of one way to impact a life in a positive way. It doesn’t take much effort and there are numerous ways to go about it.

Why not Surprise and/or uplift someone with the gift of GIVING this week? 

Whether it is a short letter to a friend/spouse, a small gift, a smile, a compliment, a note of appreciation to a family member, a postcard to a former colleague, an unexpected phone call to an old friend, a spontaneous lunch invitation to someone you don't know that well or simply a heartfelt hug. The options are plentiful!

In our busy worlds, we sometimes forget about the small giving moments that can make a big difference in a person's life.   

Often, these moments are the most precious.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

This friend loves sports - One of her pictures from a college basketball game.

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