Synchronized Sunning

I'm frequently at a college university for my job.  The professor conversations, walks around campus and energy of the students are often inspiring. In addition, the occasional flow of memorable college flashbacks (25 years ago) brings a smile to my face.

One particular moment was exquisite. It occurred late one afternoon after my last sales appointment. I was about to enter a taxi.

Before I got in, the taxi driver and I simultaneously saw two extraordinarily beautiful women walking across the parking lot. Any man or woman would have looked at these college students as they were a stunning pair and would dominate any scene.

The moment was enhanced by the late afternoon sun and a pleasant autumn temperature of 10c (50F). In addition, the warm and perfect light dancing off the concrete, combined with the surrounding reflections and distant foliage was lovely.

And then it happened.

They stopped (as if choreographed) in the middle of the empty parking lot and turned towards the sun. As they pointed their faces upward and closed their eyes, they simply basked in the glow of the sun for what seemed like forever although it was probably only 15 seconds.

It was the essence of harmony.

If this was an Olympic Sport, it would be called “Synchronized Sunning” and this tandem would have easily taken home the Gold!  I’ve never been a fan of the actual sport (Synchronized Swimming) yet I can appreciate its beauty.

I had the urge to pull my camera (always on me) out yet I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful scene. The taxi driver was just as enthralled as I was.

After the ladies left, the driver and I simply smiled at each other and nothing was said. Nothing more needed to be said.

The moment was (in the words of poet John Keats), “A Thing of Beauty”.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

Gswede catching some sun at a lovely park in Barcelona, Spain.

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