A "Moment of Truth" in Business

While working at a top entertainment firm in NYC, I had a "moment of truth" that would define my experience.

We had a new boss who was affable and a true salesman. I liked his style immediately as I could tell that he would give most of the sales staff two things they desired - a chance to shine and make money.

Not long after he began, I was called into his office. He said, "I want $100,000 in sales from you George and you have two months to close it". He was firm and crystal clear. I had strong prospects in the pipeline although in my mind, his deadline was very tight.

My focus became laser-like on the elements that would help me close this demanding goal as I knew I had to pass his test. It was one of my toughest moments in business and the goal was never far from my thoughts, day or night.

To make a long and challenging story short, I managed to close $106,000 before the deadline of two months. I was relentless, positive and persistent in making my goal and no time was wasted. The boss never bothered me after that and I had a wonderful time at the organization.  The lessons I learned from two of the best salesman I've worked with came in handy for this task - I wrote about them below (see link) in an article called "2 Salesmen, Simply the Best".


When you have a "moment of truth" in business or life, go after it with the same force as our Egyptian brothers and sisters went after freedom. Leave no stone unturned, stay positive and let nothing get in the way to your goals or dreams.

A "moment of truth" can make or break a career or personal life. For this frequently tough journey, make sure your mind is clear, your focus strong and your discipline high, thus giving you the best chance for success.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

Gswede and son on the icy beach of southern Sweden

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