Every Day is a Good Day!

When friends or strangers ask me "how was your day", I often answer by saying........."Every Day is a Good Day!".

Sometimes, the positive nature of my comment elicits weird looks which puzzles me as my words are exactly how I feel. Do I have days filled with disappointment or challenges? Of course I do but the days are still good. I guess some of the reactions are understandable as positivity seems to be dwindling in our increasingly fast and furious global world.

Each day I wake up with the excitement of a child! I enjoy the fact that the day will be full of opportunities, challenges, ups and downs, as well as the unknown. In addition, those little things (i.e. a chorus of sparrows, kids laughing, the sounds of nature, a bask in the sunlight, a quick nap, etc), that I often took for granted or didn't appreciate as a twenty-something, inspire me daily.

Every night I go to bed happy about the days activities - usually with a very satisfying feeling inside my soul. To have a day end with my health along with the health of my wife, kids, mother, family and friends intact is enough to make my day and bring a smile to my face.

You can learn a lot about a person's happiness or state of mind by asking them about their day. I recently asked someone the question and she said, "Yea Whatever", clearly frustrated with life. And this woman has an amazing life in many aspects although she tends to miss the little moments as she lives in the fast lane. I warmly mentioned that she should consider slowing down a bit so as not to experience life in such a rush rush fashion. I can only hope my words helped to make an impact.

It's no coincidence that most of my inner circle is made up of men and woman who exude positivity on a regular basis. Their relentless optimism is wonderful to be around and gives me a boost of energy.

How do you respond when a person asks about your day? Do you answer with GUSTO or with a plain ho hum word like "OK" or "fine".

If your response is typically uninspired, I implore you to TRY A LITTLE POSITIVITY the next time someone says hello or asks about your day. You will feel better and the person asking will get some positive energy back from you.

Often one has to take baby steps in order to increase the happiness or optimism in their life. One way is to just be more energetic and enthusiastic when dealing with people or even strangers. If you do that, I assure you that your day will at least be a bit brighter and hopefully, you can begin to make positivity a more common theme in your life.

Enjoy your Day and Happy Gswede Sunday!

This feline was enjoying a good day in the south of France


Anonymous said...

Thank you yet again for your inspirational & truthful thoughts. This certainly hit a strong note, that we all should hear....Merci

Anonymous said...

"I get up in the morning, clap my hands and say, today is going to be a GREAT day!"

Words to live by.