Temptation - Don't Fall for it

Temptation comes in many forms and has been and always will be flirting around mankind.

In relationships, one form that often causes the most destruction is the temptation of the flesh (infidelity). Unfortunately, it is much too prevalent in marriages and committed partnerships. Temptation of this kind has fractured many families and ruined numerous lives.

A good friend of mine was frequently tempted with women when he was single. He is an engaging, charming and smart man. That combination has massive appeal. Fortunately, he survived his single life relatively unscathed although there was some luck involved.

When he met the woman that would become his wife, it was difficult for him to deny his temptations. During their courtship, there were many moments when it almost ended due to his lack of discipline and chasing the flesh.

Somehow, he was able to look deep inside himself and come to the realization that his actions would not be favorable in building a committed life together. This woman was important to him and someone he didn't want to lose. In addition, I thought they were a great couple and told him so on many occasions.

If he wasn't man enough to change, infidelity would have surely reared its ugly head during their marriage. His actions of self-improvement inspired me to write a poem about temptation (see below). I am very proud of him for embracing his epiphany and becoming a devoted husband.

If you are not happy, be bold enough to admit that to your spouse/partner and figure out how or if you want to progress.

If you are happy, cherish and respect the loving bond that you are fortunate to have. Never take it for granted.

If you choose the infidelity path, make sure you are able to live with the potentially dire consequences of your actions.

Happy Gswede Sunday!

Don't Fall for the Flesh

Tempting and inviting
The lust of flesh abounds
Be careful what you wish for
For you may wear that crown

King for a day, a month, a week
A treasure gone for the thrill you seek

Fantasy power moves
Eating up all in sight
Are your truly fulfilled
With that afternoon delight?

Falling for the flesh
A pattern so hard to fight
If it came back to bite you
Would you then see the light?

Not Flesh

Not Flesh

Not Flesh

Don't fall for it
The Sea of Temptation is never far away

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